IGCSE O Level Pakistan Studies History (P1) & Geography (P2) Resources (Class 9 & Class 10)

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About CAIE IGCSE - O Level Pakistan Studies (Class 9 & Class 10 ) Subject offered by Cambridge

History (P1)

Also known as “The Culture and History of Pakistan.” This aspect of the Paksitan Studies subject goes back in time all the way to the Mughal Era. The Pak Studies History Era starts from the Mughal Era, then goes towards the British Era and then finally the Pakistan Era.

It discusses about notorious Mughal leaders from the Mughal Era.

It discusses about the efforts made by muslims during the British era. It mentions famous events, policies and personalities involved. Then it also moves on to describe how Pakistan came into being (independence)

The Pakistan era discusses about various leaders from Muhammad Ali Jinnah to Nawaz Shareef and Benazir Bhutto. It has a record of different policies in different times and about military martial law.


It’s a very insightful subject if one wants to get a deep insight about the Indian Sub-continent and more specifically Pakistann.

Geography (P2)

Also known as “The Environment of Pakistan.” This part of Pak Studies describes the socio-economic side of things about Pakistan. 

It teaches about the interesting Geography of Pakistan. 

It teaches about the problems Pakistan has for farming, in industries. 

It teaches about industries in Pakistan, the population in Pakistan. 

Other than the Geography, most of the other parts shed light on the more general aspects. These aspects help the CAIE student understand the problems Pakistan is going through today and their solutions.

Definitely a very important subject is one is looking to pursue something like CSS in the future.