Bored as a Student And Want To Kill Time Productively? Here Are A Few Tips On How To Do That.

Best ways to spend time producitively

There were times in history when people faced pandemics that greatly affected their daily lives. Every pandemic hurts the mental health of people. At the same time, every calamity comes with some new change in society. That change allows people to see life from a different angle which aids us in adapting to the new conditions and also allows us to fight new challenges. Nowadays we are facing a challenge similar to the ones faced by the generations before us. COVID-19 is one such disastrous calamity that has impacted the life of human beings completely.  

To control the spread of the virus, a quarantine has been put into effect by various countries which means that people, especially students, have a lot of time available to engage in meaningful and productive activities.  

So here are the best ways to spend your time producitvely as a student.


Bored as a Student And Want To Kill Time Productively? Here Are A Few Tips On How To Do That. 1

During this pandemic, lockdowns were imposed due to which many people have become jobless and do not have access to the necessities of life. As a student, you can hold drives to collect money to tend to the needs of these people. For instance, you can host bake sales for raising money or even get help from crowdfunding websites such as ‘Go Fund Me’ or ‘Indiegogo’. People upload videos and other information regarding their circumstances and why they need the money on these websites. Since these websites target a global audience more funds can be raised.

According to The Association of Fundraising Professionals, there has been a 2% gain in net donors from 2014 – 2015.  Collecting funds and providing them to those in distress would not only help ease the tension created by this pandemic but would also spread awareness among the people about the importance of common good above personal gain. It would allow the sense of responsibility, towards fellow society members, to be instilled in others as well as yourself.

2.Enroll in online courses

Bored as a Student And Want To Kill Time Productively? Here Are A Few Tips On How To Do That. 2

You’ve been given a golden chance to enroll in various online courses to enhance your intellectual capabilities during this lockdown. You can pursue subjects of your interests and even take the ones which might help you in your daily life such as Microsoft Office, photo editing, and programming. Being technologically literate is an important trait today in the modern world. Knowing the functioning of technologies gives you an edge on being selected for a future job over other applicants.

EdX is a website that provides online courses for various fields without tuition fees. There are many courses available such as Financial Markets, Graphic Designs, etc, that can help you deal with various professional and non-professional aspects of life. This website allows you to choose the course provided by a specific partner. For example, you can select ‘The University of Michigan’ in the filter box and the website will direct you to all the courses provided by the institute. Hence, giving you the opportunity of learning the course prepared by the institute of your preference.

Here are our favorite courses on EdX:
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python: Taught by the number one university MIT, this course aims to teach you how to program and have fun while learning. Students in this course get to do tons of hands-on tasks, MIT believes in the learning by doing approach.

Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles: Learn important leadership skills from Harvard University. The course aims to teach you how to be an effective leader who leads to success.

The Science of Everyday Thinking: Interested in dipping your toes in the field of Psychology? This is an amazing course that explores the psychology of our everyday thinking: why people believe weird things, how we form and change our opinions, why our expectations skew our judgments, and how we can make better decisions.

Udemy is another great website with thousands of courses to help you spend your time productively. Udemy has both paid and free courses. The courses are taught by field professionals who have a great experience in the field. The courses are nicely planned and structured. To help you decide the best course for you, they provide you a demo video and you can check out the thousands of reviews by the people who have taken the course.

Udemy allows everyone to publish a course and so you have acccess to a much greater number of courses of much more diverse topics. There’s a course for almost everything on Udemy, and we’d highly suggest you to explore Udemy.

Some other great websites that also offer courses in various topics are:

  • Brilliant: Brilliant replaces lecture videos with hands-on, interactive lessons. It’s a better (and more fun) way to learn. It’s a great way if you’re looking to learn new topics in academics.
  • Coursera: Similar to EdX, Coursera also has courses offered by universities, however the courses are provided in a different way and it’s more oriented towards Certificate based courses.
  • ExtremeCommerce: Learn to get into the internet economy by learning ways of making money through different platforms and methods like e-commerce, affiliate marketing and a lot more.

3.Brush up your concepts

You can use this time to focus on your studies and try to understand concepts that seem immensely difficult to you. Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that helps students in their studies at all levels. Khan Academy has topics of all subjects and you can find an amazing explanation video for almost every topic. If you’re planning to apply in the US, you’ll need to prepare for the SAT. Khan Academy has an amazing collaboration with CollegeBoard (the organization that conducts SAT) to help students prepare.

Khan Academy is also a great place to know about a specific subject if you’re confused about what subjects to pursue in A-Level.

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Noon Academy is another online organization that helps students prepare for Matric, FSC, O levels, and A levels through live sessions with highly qualified teachers. Tests and quizzes are also conducted by the teachers to track your progress and guide you accordingly. You also have the facility to ask questions and clear your concepts on the spot. Noon Academy provides multiple courses free of cost. Although it provides courses for the Cambridge systems, it is primarily aimed towards Pakistani students.

4.Learn a new language.

Bored as a Student And Want To Kill Time Productively? Here Are A Few Tips On How To Do That. 3

You now also have an opportunity to learn a new language and for free through various apps and websites. Duolingo is a website that assists you in learning almost any language you want and that too according to your purpose for learning such as for business or school.  It teaches according to the time you want to spend learning, be it 20 minutes or even 5 minutes per day. This would help you get an insight into other cultures. Hence, it would assist you in understanding the people around you allowing you to have know-how about how the world evolves. In countries such as Germany, even though the tuition cost of institutes is cheap but at the same time, they require the student to be proficient in speaking German. In addition to this, it would also aid in your intellectual development. Being bi-lingual would also turn out to be helpful in your statistic profile.

5.Start a business

Bored as a Student And Want To Kill Time Productively? Here Are A Few Tips On How To Do That. 4

Having free time means that you can learn some basic skills of life and turn them into economically useful activities. By learning skills such as cooking or how to make handicrafts, you can set up your own business. Even if you are starting as a small-scale business, you become self-dependent and responsible. Moreover, it would allow you to gain tons of experience in this field resulting in you eventually expanding your business.  Skincare and beauty is currently a booming industry. By introducing beauty hacks and crafts in the market you can earn up to $10K in a month.

Paper crafts are also very famous nowadays, especially among teenagers. Isn’t it cool to be able to astonish others by creating beautiful objects such as flowers, ducks, or even with something as simple as creative cards? You can use this skill and turn it into a profitable employment opportunity. Candles, jewelry, home decor, and fabric crafts are just examples of small-scale businesses that can help to earn tons of money.

Many small-scale and home-based businesses use the power of social media to promote and run their businesses. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide powerful tools to one using which they can run their businesses efficiently and successfully.

6.Make reading a habit

Bored as a Student And Want To Kill Time Productively? Here Are A Few Tips On How To Do That. 5

You can also add a new habit to your daily routine. That is ‘reading’. It might sound boring but it has great long-term benefits. It would assist you in building a great vocabulary and make progress not only academically but also in the development of your linguistic skills. You can familiarize yourself with the methodology of writing and might even become so inspired that you write your book! Reading books opens you to a whole world of information. Some of that information is not available even on the internet!

There is a wide range of genres available from which you can choose the one of your interest. Fantasy and fiction are some of the most common genres among readers, especially students.

Some of our personal favorites are  “Throne Of Glass” and “A Court Of Thorns And Roses”, written by Sarah.J.Mass. These books are woven around a story about a fae world unknown to humans, completely different from their imaginations. Later on, a human enters the fae realm and interacts with fae and fairies there.

If you prefer a more realistic face of life to be reflected in a book, check out ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ written by Khaled Hosseini. This book is about an Afghani girl, Mariam, and her struggle as she grows up and is married at 15 to a man named Rasheed.

7.Stay Fit

Bored as a Student And Want To Kill Time Productively? Here Are A Few Tips On How To Do That. 6

Staying at home and being cooped up in your room all the time during this pandemic poses a serious threat to our health. Without much movement and exercise, we tend to become more prone to various diseases, the main one being, obesity. 8% of the deaths were attributed to obesity in 2017. According to WHO (World Health Organization), globally obesity tripled during the years 1975 and 2016. To reduce the chances of diseases such as obesity, we all need to work out daily and should also encourage others to exercise. 

If you do not know the proper routines of various exercises and want them to cost nothing then you can search for websites or videos that provide you with free services. Sweat with SELF and FitnessBlender are youtube channels that recommend exercise for various purposes, such as for abs and muscles, aside from just weight loss. 

In addition to this, you can set up a time for exercising at home, with your family. This would allow you to spend more quality time with your family and also help in keeping them fit. Not only would it allow you to become physically fit, but it would also play an integral part in setting up a communication bridge with each other hence mending family bonds. 

This pandemic is a menace but at the same time has turned out to be a golden chance for all of us to improve and learn from our past mistakes. If taken the opportunity, it would allow us to grow and foster ourselves in a manner that benefits both, ourselves and our community. We hope that these tips were useful for you and can prove to be helpful to you in building a successful future.