Top 5 YouTube Channels for CAIE Preparation + Bonus Channel

  • Sharpy 

Whether you’re in A-Levels, GCSE, or IGCSE the Internet is a blessing when it comes to preparation for CAIE exams. All the resources, past papers, and other things are just available in one click!

But above all of these resources, in my opinion, explanation videos come on top because of how hard they are to produce and how helpful they can be.

Whether it’s IGCSE, GCSE or A’Levels explanation videos can help you learn a topic from scratch, and clear all your confusions that you were unable to clear initially.

So in this article, I’ve gathered the Top 10 YouTube Channels that in my opinion provide the highest quality content than the rest. While working on this article I also asked the CAIE-MASTER community on WhatsApp about their favorite YouTube channels. You can join the community here.

5. TylerDeWitt (Chemistry)

Tyler DeWitt is a channel that mainly focuses on Chemistry videos… The host (Tyler) goes into great detail about the topic and explains it through amazing graphical representations. Tyler also uses analogies to help remember things.

Although TylerDeWitt doesn’t strictly follow the CAIE syllabus, he does cover most of the things in CAIE Chemistry Syllabus. I’ve found his videos helpful in both my IGCSEs and my AS-Level.

If you’re having difficulties in understanding a topic in Chemistry, I’d definitely suggest you check him out. Below is one of my favorite video explanations by TylerDeWitt:

4. Kauser Wise (Accounting)

When I first took CAIE IGCSE Accounting, I was unable to understand a single thing in accounting because it was all too new and different.

The formats, the debit, the credit, all of it was too much for me, however, this YouTube channel helped me build my basics and pass through my first term of accounting.

Like the previous one, this channel doesn’t target CAIE students, but it teaches almost the same thing. There are minor differences that you can most certainly understand even if you’re not good at accounting.

If you’re new to CAIE Accounting this channel can really help you out clear your concepts.

Below is my favorite video of Kauser Wise:

3. HegartyMaths (Mathematics)

HegartyMaths is a channel that was recommended by one of our members in the CAIE-MASTER WhatsApp Group. This shows that I’m not the only one who’s turned to this channel to clear out concepts.

HegartyMaths, as the name suggests, focuses on CAIE Mathematics. The great thing about HegartyMaths is that they teach topics from all IGCSE, GCSE, and A-Levels. HegartyMaths also helps practice using past paper questions so you know how an exam-styled question may appear.

I’d highly recommend watching this channel if you’re looking to understand something as simple as basic trigonometry or something as complex as functions in A-Levels… Once your concepts about that topic are clear, you can test yourself using our Mathematics (4024) Study Pack. This pack has topical past papers that can help you test your knowledge in that subject!

Below you can find one of my favorite videos by HegartyMaths:

An Amazing Video By HegartyMaths

2. MegaLecture (Physics & Chemistry)

MegaLecture is another amazing YouTube channel that was recommended by one of our members in the community. Although it’s a small channel, it’s a hidden gem! MegaLecture has videos for both CAIE Physics and Chemistry.

MegaLectures has great playlists and detailed explanation videos that are just amazing if you’re looking to learn a chapter. MegaLecture does follow the CAIE syllabuses, which is really cool.

Perhaps my favorite thing about MegaLecture is that they do topical past papers. These past papers are extremely helpful if you’re looking to test your knowledge on a specific topic. His solved past-paper videos can help you if you’re stuck in a specific question or in a specific type of question.

If you’re looking to practice for a specific topic in Physics, you can check out CAIE-Master’s topical past papers (AS-Level) here

Below you can find a video by MegaLecture

1. FreeScienceLessons (Phys, Chem, Bio)

FreeScienceLessons is a channel that almost anyone, who’s ever turned to the internet for help, knows about. This channel exclusively covers the CAIE syllabuses.

I’ve watched tons of videos from this channel, especially during my examination weeks. FreeScienceLessons has short videos that are really helpful if you’re in a rush and want to get a grasp of a topic real quick.

FreeScienceLessons was a lifesaver for me when I was giving my IGCSE Chemistry exams, there were just so many last-minute things I had to catch up on and I couldn’t have done it without this amazing channel.

Here’s a video by FreeScienceLessons:

Last But Not Least – Khan Academy

This channel is mentioned separately because it’s one that in my opinion is in a different league!

Everyone knows Khan Academy, it is the best educational YouTube channel out there. Regardless of the subject, you need help in, Khan Academy has got your back!

Khan Academy is the biggest and the best educational channel on YouTube, it has tons of videos for different subjects covering advanced topics and simple topics. Although Khan Academy doesn’t teach strictly according to the CAIE syllabus, their videos are extremely are helpful in understanding a topic.

I’ve used Khan Academy for learning RedOx reactions in chemistry, Matrices in Mathematics, heck I even learned how Startups work (not even my subject).

If you’re having problems learning a topic definitely check out Khan Academy if you haven’t, they have over 7,000 videos and more than 5 million subscribers. This shows how amazing these guys are!

Below you can find one of the many great videos by Khan Academy: